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5th-Jun-2013 10:59 am(no subject)
Happy Birthday, Draco Malfoy

5-hermann von puckler-muskau
5th-Jun-2011 11:42 pm(no subject)

Happy Birthday, Draco Malfoy.
1st-Dec-2008 07:39 am - a.z.k.a.t.r.a.z.
registered for azkatraz? why yes, i have! this will be my third HP con, and i'm pretty sure it is going to be the shiniest. :) in celebration, here is the latest banksy i have found--we had to climb the concrete levee to find it.

unsexy update: apparently there are now sperm painted all around it. wtf dude?
16th-Jul-2008 09:34 pm - portus, et al
i am so inspired by my weekend trip to dallas for portus, and am v excited to find out that the minds behind the formal programming for AZKATRAZ are brilliant fanficslashygoodness writers. i've started a new orleans harry potter meetup group (http://harrypotter.meetup.com/516/), so if you're in the area, you should join! we haven't had any meetings yet, as i'm totally swamped at work and have other side projects i'm committed to at the moment; but fear not, fair HP fans, i promise it will happen soon.

i really want to get involved with azkatraz, and my friends and i talked about some possible panels we would like to put together for it, so we'll see what happens there....and speaking of side projects....*runs off to update sketchup again*

i leave you with a photo of the lovely jim dale, who did readings from the books at portus on saturday morning. brilliant!!!

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13th-Aug-2007 11:11 pm - popping
testing testing onetwothree...

well, here goes my first lj entry, mostly to see if i can sort things out for myself. i may require assistance...not that i will ask for it, mind. also, a small test to upload an image here: i humbly submit harley street in the city of westminster [where we might at one point have found sir walter and lady pole: sir walter would undoubtedly have been consulting with strange about something, while emma lay listless in the parlour, exhausted from an evening of endless dancing; but where we now find only an excessive number of pristine black range rovers...]. i think that last sentence was gruesome, grammar-wise.

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